Changes to the Schedule

The following is the new bell schedule. You’ll notice, there are some major changes to it.

8-8:20 arrival: During this time you will be in the cafeteria waiting for the day to begin. When the bell rings, you will have five minutes to get to your first block.

8:25-9:40 first block:
9:40-9:47 break: This is a seven minute break. During this break, you are allowed to go to the restroom, get a snack, and use your cell phone. When the bell rings though, you had better be in class or you will receive a tardy and, you don’t want that. If you don’t believe me, check out the new tardy policy below.
9:50-11:05 second block
11:10-11:37 lunch: Same bat time, same bat place.
11:40-12:55 third block
12:55-1:02 break: This is yet again another time when you can get a snack, grab some water, use your phone, and then get on. Use the break wisely and remember, get to where you are going on time.
1:05-2:20 fourth block: After this, you are free to go.

New Tardy Policy:

1st tardy: teacher discretion
2nd tardy: am and pm break loss
3rd tardy: ld and am and pm break loss for 3 days
4th tardy: ld for a week
5th tardy: principal discretion

New Dress Code

With new management comes new rules and, for many of our students, this will be a welcomed change. For those of you unfamiliar with the dress code last year, know that it consisted of khaki pants and a tucked in polo, either white or black in color. This year, that has all changed.

This year, the color of your shirt has been broadened to include black, white, gold, and grey as choices. Also, now your shirt does not have to be tucked in. Hooray for that.

In addition to the change in shirt color, you can now where blue jeans or, if you would rather stick with a classic, you can wear your khakis. Now, with all of that being said, remember, you are still in school. No droopy pants and no holes above the knees. If we see underwear, you’re headed home. Another big change comes to the hoodie and undershirt department. Your hoddie and your undershirt colors have expanded to match your new polo shirt choices.


Welcome Back Students and Staff

Hello and welcome back students and staff! It is so good to have all of you here with us for another year of fun, learning, and excitement. Now, before we get settled back in, we have some stuff to discuss, mainly some changes that have been taking place around the school.

One of the first notable changes is that we have ourselves a new principal, Mike Campbell. Mr. Campbell comes to us from South Stanly High School where he was the principal for six years. Mr. Campbell is already shaking things up and will surely do a great job this school year. If you see him in the halls, be sure to say hello and welcome him to our school.

We also have a new face in the math department. Doug Smith joins the Soaring Eagles team this year to teach math. Mr. Smith comes to us from South Stanly as well. There he taught math and coached sports. Interesting fact about Mr. Smith: he was actually the first principal that Stanly Academy had! Isn’t that cool? I thought so. If you see him out and about, please tell him hello and welcome him to our little family.

In addition to Mr. Campbell and Mr. Smith, Darlene Cato joins our staff this year. Mrs. Cato will be working in the front office and is already doing a great job. She is an incredible addition to our school and will feel right at home with us in no time. Please make all of our new faculty feel welcomed as we start the new year. We also have another Smith with us as Mrs. Smith joins our ranks as a supporting Teacher’s Assistant. She will work with students on math but will also be pitching in where she is needed.

In addition to some new folks joining us, we also have some folks that have switched places during the summer. Ms. Willis will now be located in her new room in Mobile Unit 3, Mr. Carte has moved to Mobile Unit 2, and Mrs. Diggs has moved to the end of the hall in the old principal’s office. The principal’s office is now located in the main office in the back. Mr. Steele’s office is now located in Mrs. Diggs office at the end of the hall as well. Everyone else is more or less where they were last time you saw us.

Again, welcome back!