Staff Spotlight: Mike Campbell

Staff Spotlight: Mike Campbell, Principal, Stanly Academy

By William Xiong

This year, Stanly Academy has gained a new principle.  Mr. Campbell, former principal at South Stanly, has begun the school year with new strategies in order to improve the overall performance of the students. As a student myself, I like the changes he has done for the school so far. One of the many things he has done is change the school uniform rules. He seems to understand and have little trouble dealing with the kids at SALC, but we the students still know very little about him and since I am in Mr. Carte’s Print Media class, I have the privilege of interviewing him personally. With a little bit of thought, I have created some simple questions to ask him during the interview:

WX: Where are you originally from?

MC: “I am originally from Hamlet, North Carolina in Richmond County.”

WX: Which College did you go to?

MC “I went to undergraduate school at Pembroke State University, majoring in psychology and Public Relations. After that I went to graduate school at Campbell, majored in School Council ling. The third time I went to UNCP and got a degree in School administration and Curriculum Specialist.”

WX: Why did you get into education?

MC: “I wanted to help young people and make a difference.”

WX: How many years have you been in education?

MC: “This would be my twenty-sixth year”

WX: What made you want be a principal?

MC: “I enjoy teaching and counseling students, however I know that I could impact student lives more as a principal.”

WX: Do you like being a principal?

MC: “Yes, It’s a challenging job, but very fulfilling.”

WX: As a teenager, did you d anything that you regretted later in life and what did you learn from it?

MC: “I’m a person who does not live with regrets because one does his or hers best at the time by making choices and decisions that met the demands at that time.”

WX: What is your favorite movie?

MC: “Ten Commandments starring Charleston Heston.”

WX:  What did you want to be hen you grow up?

MC: “Initially I wanted to be a pro baseball player or guitar player in a famous rock band.”

After the interview with Mr. Campbell, I shook his hand and thanked him for accepting my interview request. I gained new information about him, while he most probably did not gain anything at all but a headache from me asking too much questions. Overall I had a fun time and enjoyed being a reporter.


Chicago Teachers on Strike

WGA Chicago picket - 5

The Chicago Teacher Strike
By Cheyenne Turner

      In Chicago 25,000 public school teachers went on strike. Teachers agreed they have failed to reach an agreement that will prevent a labor strike. Three days have gone by and a strike is still going on and the teachers are not getting their way and there refusing to teach there students and the halted class work and refused to work.
The union said they would meet Wednesday morning to review for a new proposal from the school board. Teachers and parents are lowering their expectations for an agreement and every ones main concern is the process in which teachers will be rehired.
My opinion is the teachers are doing the right thing because teachers and parents are really concerned about how their students and children aren’t getting the right education and they should be getting them the best education there is to prepare them for the future.

Patriots vs. Titans Results

New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski...

New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski on the field prior to an away game against the Oakland Raiders. The Patriots won 49-26. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patriots vs. Titans Results

by Lindsey Carpenter

On Sunday, September 9th, Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to their ninth season-opening win. Playing the Tennessee Titans at their home stadium the final score turned out to be 34-13. During the first quarter the Titans took the lead with Rob Bironasn kicking a 28 yards field goal for 3 points. Later on, with 1:59 left, Aaron Hernandez scored a 23 yard touch down while Stephen Gostkowski kicked the field goal, for the Patriots lead 7-3. With 11:07 left in the second quarter The patriots picked up a six yard fumble and made a touchdown taking the score to 14-3 and then with 2 minutes left, they went on to score yet another touchdown. After half-time, the Titans Came back and Nate Washington scored a touchdown with a 29 yard pass. With 1:04 left in the third, the Pat’s scored another touchdown to increase the lead on the Titans, 28-10. Rob Bironas of the Titans kicked a 24 yard field goal to score 3 points. But it wasn’t enough to hold the Patriots off. They scored two more field goals and won the game with a 21 point lead over the Titans.

Tom Brady almost had his nose broken by Kamerion Wimbley. He said himself, that was the best hit he has had, after he confirmed that it wasn’t broken. Rookie, Jake Locker‘s reputation was ruined by the patriots defense because of his two sacks and two turnovers. Later in the fourth quarter, he was taken out of the game due to an shoulder injury cause by Patriot’s safety Chung.

SALC’s Biology Labs

SALC’s Biology Labs
By: Brianna Helms

On Friday September 7, 2012, I observed Mrs. Edgerton’s Biology class.  Mrs. Edgerton, also known as Mrs. E, was teaching her students how to determine which foods have carbohydrates.  In order to show her class what she was teaching, she had Mrs. Helms come and help her set up two labs.

The first lab was called the “Starch Test.”  Using a chemplate, Mrs. E and Mrs. Helms used five different food solutions with out telling the students what they were.  Then, they put a drop of Iodine Solution to each of the five different food solutions.  If the food solution reacted and changed colors to a dark black, the food was proven to be a starch.

The second lab was called the “Simple Sugar Test.”  For this lab, students boiled water and put 2ml of water into one test tube and and 2ml of other solutions into three other test tubes.  Then, they put ten drops of Benedict’s Solution in each test tube.  After that, they were given four different liquid solutions.  They put ten drops of one liquid solution into each of the four test tubes.  To finish the lab, all four test tubes were placed in a beaker of boiling water and left there for five minutes.  After five minutes, the students observed their test tubes and depending on the color, the foods showed how much sugar was in the solution.

Hip-Hop Profile: 2Chainz

Hip-Hop Profile: 2Chainz

by Kendall Dumas

Tauheed Epps, better known as Georgia born rapper 2Chainz, was known for being one half of the southern hip hop duo, Playaz Circle. He, along with his partner, were signed to rapper Ludacris’ label, Disturbing Tha Peace, and had much success with their single Duffel Bag Boy.  He is currently signed to Def Jam Records where he makes music and continues to entertain fans, of which he has many.

2 Chainz was an only child growing up. He went to school with entertainer Monica and showed a flair there for performing. He was also a skilled ball player and eventually went to the University of Alabama where he attended classes and played basketball. After his sophomore year, he began to attend Tuskegee University where he became an All-American athlete. In addition to these accolades, 2Chainz holds many awards that speak to his success as an entertainer too.

Honey Boo Boo Child: A National Obsession or a Joke?

Honey Boo Boo Child: A National Obsession or A Joke?

by Lindsey Carpenter

Alana, six years old, has become a national obsession with her new reality show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” She was a former star on “Toddlers and Tiara’s.” She’s visited many places like, the redneck games, the morning show, and New York City, during the first season of her show. “A dolla make her holla” is used as many times as is her secret go-go juice during pageant season. She has he confidence that any girl would want to have going into a pageant.

As to being referred to as a joke, most political people have been talking about Honey Boo Boo. She obviously isn’t considered a joke, because if she were, no one would watch her show. Her fourth television show pulled in over 3 million views, which was more than the political campaigns and coverage. As for the new casters on CNN, they believe that Alana’s show is a train wreck. It’s so horrible that you can’t help but to watch. According to the reviews and views of her show, I’m sure America would disagree.