Iranian Uranium

Iranian Uranium Concerns

by Allenair Harris

English: THE KREMLIN, MOSCOW. With President o...


(CNN) Iran is now known to have successfully step up its production with a high-graded enriched
uranium, and had also reconstructed one of its military bases. They have produced around 189.9
kilograms of uranium, which is an increase by 43.8 kilograms since May. They also have not allowed any
access to the military site called Parchin, expanding Iran’s nuclear program, including new dirt roads
being established. Western diplomats believe that Parchin was used to use and test high-explosive
nuclear triggers, which is and step toward achieving a weapons capability. Iran denies it has any purpose
for its nuclear program, and say it’s for peaceful purposes.

Since 2002, the Agency has had concerns about the existence of undiscovered nuclear related activities.
Activities could involve military development of a nuclear payload for the missile. Iranian president
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said last month that only 11,000 were now operational. Others believe the
world should keep maximum pressure on Iran. Iran must also respond the Agency without any delay.


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