Season 7 Opener of Doctor Who

This past Saturday, September marked the premiere of the international phenomenon, Doctor Who. For those who frequent the British based Science Fiction epic have been waiting 0ver a year for the premiere. This season got started with a bang as the Doctor, played by Matt Smith, is reunited with his estranged companions Amy and Rory, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darville, to save his mortal enemy, the Daleks. That’s right, you read correctly, save the Daleks.

The episode begins with the Doctor traveling to the planet Skaro, former home of the Daleks. He is there at the request of a woman in need and ends up being trapped by the Daleks and then kidnapped. Meanwhile, we the audience are transported back to Earth where we see the final glimpses of the marriage of Amy and Rory. As they part ways, they are also kidnapped by the Daleks and are taken to meet the Doctor aboard the Dalek Parliament ship. There, the Doctor and his companions are charged with the task of traveling to the Dalek’s Asylum, a planet in which defective Daleks end up, to disable a force field which will allow the Daleks to destroy their defective brothers.

The episode is classic Moffat Who and delivers on all fronts. Matt Smith was superb as always and the new dynamic between Amy and Rory was interesting to day the least. Moffat has already set up what will be a fantastic season. One thing that remains a mystery is Clara Oswin, the human turned Dalek who, is also apparently the new companion. I am sure with M0ffat in the driver’s seat and Matt Smith still behind his bow tie, this season of Doctor Who will be nothing short of spectacular.


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