The Role Society Takes In Print Media

The Role Society Takes In Print Media

 by Lindsey Carpenter

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Society plays a huge role in print media during today’s times. Our interest reflects our purchases, which also decided how well a product is going to sell. If we don’t lie something, we give it a low rating and it gets taken back to the warehouse and “tweaked” until it interest us and makes greater sells. If it wasn’t for consumers than products and print media wouldn’t be as popular as it once was. Now days, everyone just uses Facebook and Twitter to find out our resources or recent news.

Society affects the media in terms of ratings and purchase statistics. If consumers enjoy a media program, the ratings for the program will go high, just the same as if it wasn’t liked, they would get low ratings.  If they like it, they will buy it and continue to buy it. If not, the people need to change their style and program/media to get higher ratings and sales.

Interview with Jennifer Johnson


Interview with Jennifer Johnson

by Allenair Harris

On Friday, October 5, 2012, Stanly Academy was treated to a sit down with a powerful and inspirational speaker, Jennifer Johnson. Ms. Johnson is a close and personal friend of our own Ms. Shauna Burris. Ms. Johnson came in to discuss the challenges in her life and the choices she made as a young person and how she overcame them. She is also a victim of Type 1 diabetes and has had to overcome many challenges in having it such as blindness and kidney failure. What follows is an in depth interview with this brave and inspirational figure:

AH:In what year you find out you were going to go blind?

JJ: Around 2002 I found out I was diagnosed.

AH: In what state were you born and raised?

JJ: I was born in Morganton, NC.

AH: Well do you have any brother?

JJ: Yes I have three brothers the ages of 30, 25, and 22 being the youngest.

AH: What are some ways that you eat?

JJ:  I make my own food, with typical things like sandwiches, but I use the microwave most of the time. And my mother also helps me from time to time if the task is too complicated.

AH: Do you wash your own cloths?

JJ: Well I do my own laundry by having certain buttons that help me locate the handles of the washing knobs and make-out what way to turn them

AH: How would you distinguish what clothes you are wearing?

JJ:  My shirts have certain properties that allow me to visualize what I’m touching; like cutting the tags in a certain way would separate colors from dark.  I may use a clip for my socks for when I wash to keep them in order without a folding hassle.

AH: Do you have a maid to help you clean around the house?

JJ: No, I clean the house myself by spraying, sweeping and I even mop the floors. I’m scared of using the vacuum, for the fear of breaking things in my way.

AH: What are some things you like to do?

JJ: I love the laugh and joke around on certain occasions depending when the time is right. I’m an enjoyable person people would love to get to know.

AH: What do you see?

JJ: Well for one there is no light whatsoever. Although it’s pretty cool because it seems as if I’m seeing shooting stars going all around, It’s really fascinating.!

We here at the Stanly Talons office would like to once again thank Ms. Johnson for coming and speaking to us. We found her to be very inspirational and very courageous. She taught us a lot about overcoming adversity and taught us that if you work hard and aim high, you can accomplish anything, regardless of circumstance.




Review: The Legend if Beowulf

Cover of "Beowulf (Unrated Director's Cut...

Cover of Beowulf (Unrated Director’s Cut)

The legend of Beowulf ; starring Ray Winstone, is as strong as his strength. A man known all around for being the King of the Geats his incredible features, soon meets evil in the face of a giant. His name is Grendel (played as Crispin Glover ); being a somewhat ancestral kin to the great sinner, Cain. He come with evil and terror as two great beings come to a conclusive battle that only god could judge. This movie is told by poets and historians in many versions and is also taught by teachers for educational purposes. The film includes Angelina Jolie as Grendel’s mother; who claims revenge for her son’s death after a brutal encounter. Beowulf is a moral story filled with many lessons and mysterious creature that lurk in the past.

As of the movie, we are also learning about the full story in better detail and descriptions. We have learned about certain treasures given to heroes as of the legendary Hrunting, which was never defeated in battle. Gold and other various jewelry were used to honor the most glorified warriors. Warriors were known to be heavily armored with the most strongest of elements.