Happy Holidays

Hey there, this is a letter from the editor, Chuck Carte. This blog has been a class project for my print media class. One of the things I wanted them to do was establish a newspaper, write articles, and maintain it. Their performance has made me very proud of them and I know that it will continue.

I wanted to take a moment out of our last school day and say thank you to the readers of this blog for supporting my students in this endeavor. Thanks to the success of this project, we will now be moving forward into more new media as well as keeping up this blog. Thank you again.




Happy Holidays from us here at Stanly Academy! We hope your holidays are merry and spent with loved ones!

Field Trip to college basketball game

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On Wednesday December 12,2012, Mr.Campbell arranged a field trip for the students of Stanly Academy to go see a women’s college basketball game.  The college teams that were playing were UNC and NCCU.  UNC won at the end with the score 49:21.  After the game, Stanly Academy went to the on-campus Museum.  In the Museum, we saw all the basketball players that have ever played at UNC.  On the way home, we stopped to get something to eat and the students got to choose where they wanted to go within the parking lot.  This field trip was an exciting one and the students are very thankful that we were able to go to a college basketball game.

West Virginia Explosion

In west Virginia 4 miners were trapped in a coal mine after a deadly explosion on Friday. At least 25 miners died from Monday afternoon’s explosion,4 remain missing, and two are injured.  The reading showed high levels of methane and hydrogen and high levels or carbon dioxide which may be the reason for the explosion. The cold front moved explosive gasses which reduced the chances of another explosion. The 4 miners that are still missing are believed to be 2,000 feet away in a new development area of the mine.  Thankfully we have great recruiters who refuse to give up and they continue looking for the survivors.ntsb

Review of Stanly Academy Spirit Week

Today we would like to tell you a review of or Spirit Week that we had last week at Stanly Academy.  Each day was another interesting day as the students and staff were able to dress up for different days and show their creativity.  We are very proud of our students at Stanly Academy for showng effort throughout this semester.  We hope that we can do something again with our students.  Here are some of the pictures that were taken at the end of the week and were not posted

on the website.

SALC Spirit Week; Wednesday Dress-Up Day

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During Wednesday December 4th , students will be given permission to dress up however they would like. The clothes can be corresponding a famous rapper, nerd, or any other appearance. They may not wear masks, or be revealing clothing of any sort.


The majority of the people who dressed up were teachers but we really had a lot of fun watching them have fun and be creative as they dressed in their own way.  Some of the things we saw people dress as are; a pirate, women in black, ghost buster, historical people, and many others.