Stanly County Lift Program

The stanly county lift program is close to graduation. Febuary 7th will be the last day of the teens that decided they wanted to change thier lives for good. They have came very far, some have changed and some have given up but even when those students gave up we still moved forward with what we had to get done.

The lift program helps students find a job but thats not the only thing that the lift teaches. It teaches students that they have a future and people out there do care. It also teaches confidence and self-esteem and how to deal with tough problems.

What i have learned in this program is patience, trust and self-esteem. In the begining of the program i was shy and couldnt trust anyone. I felt ugly and worthless, but now i feel like i can do anything. I trust alot more people then i did before, my anger has went down alot and im very close to getting a job. So I want to thank the lift program for everything it has done for me.

Quenton’s Autobiography

Hello my name is Quenton McLendon i was born in Albemarle North Carolina on 1-9-1995. i have only lived in one other place than Albemarle and thats the small town of Badin Nc. things that i live to do is sit at home and cook, and hang out with my friends. my fav tv show is The First 48, my fav Book is “The First Part Last”, and my fav movie is “Set It Off” because it makes me feel Gangsta. my fav meal is Steak, a Baked Potato, salad, and Shrimp. since i’ve turned 18 me and my friends are planning a trip to Atlanta. but after i graduate i to visit Australia.

Brianna’s Autobiography

My name is Brianna Helms.  I was born on April 1,1996 in Albemarle, NC.  I have two brothers and one sister.  I currently live with both of my parents, one sister, one brother, and my uncle.  While growing up, my family did a lot of work in the community to show me and my brothers and sister that we need to help others.  Right now, I am a junior in high school and I love to help people even when I don’t know how.

In my free time, I enjoy crocheting, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.  My favorite color is green and my favorite animal is a frog.  I am a strong believer in family so I try to spend a lot of quality time with my family.  My favorite food to eat is strawberries.  My favorite soda is Cherry Lemon Sun drop.  When I go on vacation with my family I always enjoy going to Connecticut.  Connecticut is my favorite place to go and while I am there, I like to visit New York City.  My role models are my parents.  They have both been there to support me even when I didn’t think that I wanted them to.  They have taught me a lot of things and someday I plan to make a difference in someone else’s life like they have mine.

After high school, I want to make something positive out of my life that will not only help me, but that will help others as well.  I want to become a nurse so that I can help others who are hurt or sick.  I also would like to volunteer at an Elementary school so that I can be a good influence on someone else.

SALC’s Febuary Stars

For the month of February we have selected new students/ teachers of the month.  The students are Lindsey C., Justin F., Samantha P., Cody H., and Tyler B.  The teachers of the month are Tony Steele and Patty Crump.  As usual these students and teachers are chosen based on their positive attitudes and good work.  They are also chosen for the effort that they put into their daily work here at Stanly Academy.

Although we only have a few that are considered Students/ Teachers of the month, all of our students and teachers are great.  The staff is continuously doing the best they can to help the students graduate high school and be a success and the students are constantly working on effort to make something positive out of their life.IMG_1105

She-lia’s Biography

Hello my name is Shelia Jones. I was born at brook dale hospital in Brooklyn east New York. I came to Albemarle when i was six years old. my mother decided to come to Albemarle when she visit my aunt on a vacation she like the way things were going down here and wanted to stay so that’s how i ended up in Albemarle.

I like to dance, step and run track any sport that will have me active like jumping around i really enjoy. I like actions movie with a lot going on so that i would be curious about what’s gone happen next. I like drama books that are not boring a book where the chapters get deeper and deeper so that I would not want to put the book down. I like a lot of different types of food but i love Chinese food i can eat sesame chicken and shrimp fried rice all day without getting tired of it.

I haven’t travel that much but i have traveled to Mississippi and Atlanta. I really want to travel to Jamaica and Miami and explore things I haven’t explored yet. I just want to graduate and see myself in college living my college life