My trip to India

My Trip to India
As transcribed by She-lia Jones, contributing writer, Stanly Talons

On December 28, 2012, I left to do charity work in India. I took a trip for a month to India to help the orphan girls and teach them new things. I also learned new things. As a teacher, I have never been more respected. As a woman there is no equality in India. Women are not treated equal and women have to cover they whole body so the clothing was different. There was not clean water; the water they would drink can make you sick or even kill you. There was trash everywhere and there is no trash can so they throw everything on the ground or in the ocean. That really makes me appreciate the environment I live in here.
I loved a lot of things about my trip. I loved the people, the children, and the happiness. Most of the girls in the orphan had been abused and I really loved the way they held up. I loved the weather, the heat it was hard not to dress for the weather. I really liked the environment that I was around.
I didn’t like how dirty it was. I also didn’t like the extreme poverty. The fact that some of the kids didn’t go to school and how women weren’t treated fair.
The thing that impacted me the most was I was the only non-Indian there. It was a good experience for me to be the only non-Indian because I learned to be friendly with all races. They ones in Indian would look at me like I were sick or something but they just didn’t understand because they have never seen any other race.
My trip to India was an incredible experience for me.


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