SALC’s Febuary Stars

For the month of February we have selected new students/ teachers of the month.  The students are Lindsey C., Justin F., Samantha P., Cody H., and Tyler B.  The teachers of the month are Tony Steele and Patty Crump.  As usual these students and teachers are chosen based on their positive attitudes and good work.  They are also chosen for the effort that they put into their daily work here at Stanly Academy.

Although we only have a few that are considered Students/ Teachers of the month, all of our students and teachers are great.  The staff is continuously doing the best they can to help the students graduate high school and be a success and the students are constantly working on effort to make something positive out of their life.IMG_1105


Military Suicides Rise

The Pentagon has struggled with suicides as less combat is not contributing to less stress for U.S troops. The highest the Pentagon has seen; was last year when 349 troops on active-duty committed suicide throughout the year. When troops come home, they have to transition themselves back to their families, which could be complicated. Its about finding a sense of purpose to quickly adjust to living conditions. Its a kind of trauma that may affect troops that have been in war for more than a decade. Troops are known to have begged for help, with no answers. Former wives say that the Army failed husbands by not ensuring them safety and help for suicidal times occurring.

Its a type of adjustment disorder that some troops have when coping with families after returning home. Many women are outraged by this affect, because the numbers are increasing and is known to increase rapidly this year. Many emotions affect them like depression, substance abuse, stress and being uncertain if and when they will return home to families.

Self-esteem and money problems could be key factors, especially when the military is ongoing major personal budget cuts. The suicides were noticed in 2006 and has began to soar. The Army, which is the largest of military services also had the largest number of suicide of active-duty troops last year. Along with the Army, the Air Force had 59 deaths, while the Navy had 60 suicides. Since then, suicide prevention has become a strict problem for the Pentagon.

As authorities investigate why 20-year-old Adam Lanza gunned down 27 people, including 20 children, there’s no clear consensus in Newtown about how to move forward. But many residents are calling for stricter gun control, including a ban on so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, used in many mass shootings.

Sandy Hook students returned to class this month in the nearby town of Monroe, at Chalk Hill Middle School, while investigators comb the crime scene.

Chalk Hill has been outfitted with rugs and furniture that would be familiar and comforting to Sandy Hook students. Security measures have also been increased, with more cameras and locks.

What will Newtown do with the school itself? Some have proposed tearing down the scene of the unspeakable crime and transforming it into something positive.

Stanly Academy’s latest news!

After this week, Stanly Academy will be done our first semester and moving on to our second semester.  Well will say good bye to some students who are either graduating early or going back to their home school.  We will miss the students who will no longer be with us and will never forget them.

While we say our good bye’s, we will also say our hello’s to the students that will be joining us starting next week for the new semester.  We will be joined by a new group of student’s from different schools and will start fresh with at our school.  As some people will be preparing for graduation at the end of the year, others will work harder towards their goals here at Stanly Academy to help them become a greater success.

With a new group of student’s, some may join our Stanly Talons online.  They will become part of our team and our website will endure fresh minds and ideas.  We are excited to have fresh minds and ideas on our staff.  With the help of some of the new staff, we hope to grow stronger in our writing on this website.

Also, next week, one of our teachers, Ms. Burris, will be going to another high school nearby for a semester to help them out.  Ms. Burris will be teaching World History, Civics, and U.S History.  She will still be part of our school and hopefully she will be back at the beginning of next year.

Being a new student at SALC

Earlier this year, I was the new girl. I didn’t know anyone here at SALC, I had transferred from the Early College. The new policies, new classes, students, and teachers. I had to adjust to the new schedule. A total change from the Early College.

At SALC, I had to wear a uniform, a collard shirt and jeans. I had to take a pass with me everywhere I went. I had to check in down at the cafeteria, and at lunch we couldn’t walk around, we had to stay in a designated area. At the early college, we followed dress code for SCS, walked around campus when we didn’t have class, and ate at the cafe in the Webb Center.

The classes were and still are smaller. And since I’m taking electives, my classes are a lot of fun and I can be more productive without being bored to death from a book or a college professor lecturing. I’ve enjoyed drawing, designed and putting together a Yearbook in Print Media, but I miss Dance.

The staff has made this semester a welcoming and enjoyable time here. They are fun, understanding, and they care about every student that walks into this school. It really is a school of second chances.


well I’m just about done with high school I will be graduating early this year witch will be in like 2 days. So yea Its a good feeling to be finishing up School but things are going to change. Its time to get a job an start working an taking care of myself until I’m off to college.

Somethings I will miss is playing high school football with the fellas I grew up with. I don’t believe college football will be as fun as high school. I really don’t think im going to miss running the field in the hot sun all day.

I will not miss getting up every morning at 6:00 O`clock an the bus ride to school. Don’t think I would care to much that i wouldn’t get to go sit in class an listening long boring speeches. But at the end I hate,I will hate that it’s over a everybody are going to start going there own ways off to college and etc.

New Semester Updates

With 1st semester ending soon, it is now time to look forward to the new semester. Many of our students will be graduating early this current semester and even more will graduate in June. With all of this going on, there will be many changes here at the academy. For example, we will be saying goodbye to a few of our students and welcome a few more. Classes will change and many of us will begin teaching new things. We are even going to be rolling over our staff here on this site. We will be losing five staff writers and getting a few new ones. We will also be doing some new stuff too like a podcast weekly and some video work.

cropped-alt-logo.jpgWe will also be saying goodbye to an important staff member. Ms. Shauna Burris will leave us second semester to teach at West Stanly High School. Her leaving came to most students as a shock but, rest assured, she will be back. Her assignment this year was split and she will teach at West Stanly but will return here next fall. As sad as our students were about her leaving, they were immediately relieved that she would  be returning.

In other news here at the school, Ms. Meghan Flaherty will continue her mission in India. Over holiday break, Ms. Flaherty left to work at an orphanage but will return in February. We are very proud of her and look forward to her return. For the time being, retired art teacher Gene Harrington has been filling in for her. She is doing a great job and the kids really like her though, they are excited for Ms. Flaherty to return.

See you next semester!!