Giving the gift of Art

This year, as a school designated trip, all of our students will be visiting local nursing homes to spread acts of charity and merriment to seniors in our area. On December 17, our entire school will visit four nursing homes and spend the day brightening up the holidays for the residents. Students are already putting together art projects to give them as well as decorations for the nursing homes.

Visiting nursing homes has been a long standing tradition at Stanly Academy. Ms. Meghan Flaherty and Dede Lockamy began the tradition a few years ago and, much to our excitement, the tradition lives. This will be our biggest effort this year to spread the joy of the holidays and to do something kind for others. Not only does it build character for our students but, it also allows them to feel the happiness that comes from doing something nice for someone.

Below is a gallery that features many of our students working on projects for the nursing home. There will be more to come as we approach the 17th.


Artful Thursday

This week in art class, many of our students finished their shoe projects. You may remember from last week that they were working on shoe designs inspired by Andy Warhol and, under the direction of Ms. Meghan Flaherty, they were able to finish them this week. The assignment was for each student to take a basic shoe outline and design their own version of that shoe. Some of the shoes were based on boot designs, Nike sneakers, and TOMs loafers. Each of our students did a great job with the product and we are very proud of them. Check out the gallery below to look at the shoe designs.

Artful Thursday Gallery

This week, inspired by Andy Warhol, the art classes designed their own shoes. Ms. Flaherty and her art classes are very proud of their designs as are all of us. Check out the below gallery to see the first half of the gallery. The second half will be available in a followup post, next week. Have a happy holiday!!


Artful Thursday

This week, Stanly Academy’s web team are proud to announce the many talented artist in our school as well as their artwork.  Here is the artwork that was done this week at Stanly Academy. Pictures from this week are predominately from the Google Doodle project. The Google Doodle project was a school art project that students did to be creative as to what they would like to see Google look like one day.

Featured artists: Mla, Samantha, Dylan, Cody, Tiante, Myshia, Ace, Jamale, Brett, Caleb, Shalia