SALC’s Febuary Stars

For the month of February we have selected new students/ teachers of the month.  The students are Lindsey C., Justin F., Samantha P., Cody H., and Tyler B.  The teachers of the month are Tony Steele and Patty Crump.  As usual these students and teachers are chosen based on their positive attitudes and good work.  They are also chosen for the effort that they put into their daily work here at Stanly Academy.

Although we only have a few that are considered Students/ Teachers of the month, all of our students and teachers are great.  The staff is continuously doing the best they can to help the students graduate high school and be a success and the students are constantly working on effort to make something positive out of their life.IMG_1105


Stanly Academy’s latest news!

After this week, Stanly Academy will be done our first semester and moving on to our second semester.  Well will say good bye to some students who are either graduating early or going back to their home school.  We will miss the students who will no longer be with us and will never forget them.

While we say our good bye’s, we will also say our hello’s to the students that will be joining us starting next week for the new semester.  We will be joined by a new group of student’s from different schools and will start fresh with at our school.  As some people will be preparing for graduation at the end of the year, others will work harder towards their goals here at Stanly Academy to help them become a greater success.

With a new group of student’s, some may join our Stanly Talons online.  They will become part of our team and our website will endure fresh minds and ideas.  We are excited to have fresh minds and ideas on our staff.  With the help of some of the new staff, we hope to grow stronger in our writing on this website.

Also, next week, one of our teachers, Ms. Burris, will be going to another high school nearby for a semester to help them out.  Ms. Burris will be teaching World History, Civics, and U.S History.  She will still be part of our school and hopefully she will be back at the beginning of next year.

Many Veterans possibly exposed to HIV…

By Lindsey Carpenter

Last year, during the time of October 19th through November 1st, at a Veterans Hospital in Buffalo, New York, as many as 716 veterans were possibly exposed to many disease including HIV. Veterans were supposed to be treated with insulin for high blood sugar, and the pens were meant for use on one patients. Instead the nurses were using the pens on multiple patients.

Nurses found the pens, in a drawer on the medical cart, unmarked. They thought it was the same as any other insulin pen, contained a huge mistake. The pens were used on multiple patients many times, exposing them to the disease more than once.

The pens are designed for one person use and to be self-injected. When the needle enters the skin, it can release blood into the carriage and carry blood-borne pathogens, which also could transmit even more disease. Even thought they are designed for multiple uses, they are still only permitted by one person to use.

The health system responsible for the actions have contacted the veterans believe to be affected to do blood test, and have follow up’s for the results. The nurses claimed that they “didn’t know the cartridges were supposed to be used only on one person,” because of the new technology introduced at the hospital. A republican representative called the whole situation “unacceptable.” He said they are taking precautions to make sure that this same situation doesn’t happen again in the future.insulin

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong, is best known for acting in the movies; “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, “Before and After”, and “American History X” was arrested in Los Angeles for alleged domestic violenceTMZ reported that this is  Edward Furlong’s third arrest for domestic violence within the last four months.  The last two arrest’s were in October and November of 2012.

In November 2012, his ex-wife Rachael Kneeland, requested that he only be allowed to visit his 6-year-old son Ethan under supervision.  She requested this after she said that Edward Furlong exposed cocaine to his son.  He claimed that it was a lie.  The judge agreed and ordered that Edward be supervised when visiting his son Ethan.

Furlong was arrested Sunday morning for allegedly attacking his girlfriend.  Witnesses say that he became aggressive with his girlfriend during an argument at the Los Angeles International Airport.  After his was arrested, they found out that he had a warrant for his arrest due to his prior alleged domestic violence incidents.  Furlong was at Men’s Central Jail with a $50,000 bail.  His court date is tomorrow at the Beverly Hills Courthouse at 8:30 a.m.

In the last couple of years, his career has been eclipsed because of reports of erratic behavior and drug use.  Edward Furlong is no longer in the film “Misled”.  He was dropped from the film after his last arrest.Image

Mrs. Edgerton: Teaching vs. Storytelling

Mrs.Edgerton, the science teacher of Stanly Academy began her career as a teacher 22 years ago. She started out as a housewife with a basic degree in Biology and a tutor for children who needed help in science. After tutoring for awhile she realized that she could teach science with her degree so she became a teacher at a public school. Another interest in her life is storytelling. She learned storytelling from her aunt and mom and began volunteering at different schools. Although Mrs. Edgerton loves her job as a storyteller, if she had to choose one or the other, she would choose to be a teacher because she uses her storytelling as part of her teaching.

Last week, Mrs. Edgerton was in a play called ” This is who we are.” The play OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  about the history of Badin with Susan Sharples as the director.

“Stanly Academy is the best place to teach because it has new adventures everyday.” – A quote from Mrs. Edgerton.


Stanly Academy’s Achievers

For the month of January the students of the month are Quenton McLendon, Myshia Dunlap, Maria Mahoney, and Brianna Helms. We are very proud of all of our students at Stanly Academy and hope that as we reach the end of this semester, all of our students will pass.  We also are proud to announce the teachers of the month; Ms.Lowder and Mr.Carte and thank them for all their hard work here at our school.  The last group we would like to mention is the students here that are graduating early;  Shea’Ona Harris, Tiante Leak, Braxton Phifer, and William Xiong.  These students have worked really hcartoon-eagle-thumb9511585ard in order to graduate at the end of this semester.

Field Trip to college basketball game

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On Wednesday December 12,2012, Mr.Campbell arranged a field trip for the students of Stanly Academy to go see a women’s college basketball game.  The college teams that were playing were UNC and NCCU.  UNC won at the end with the score 49:21.  After the game, Stanly Academy went to the on-campus Museum.  In the Museum, we saw all the basketball players that have ever played at UNC.  On the way home, we stopped to get something to eat and the students got to choose where they wanted to go within the parking lot.  This field trip was an exciting one and the students are very thankful that we were able to go to a college basketball game.