Patriots vs. Titans Results

New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski...

New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski on the field prior to an away game against the Oakland Raiders. The Patriots won 49-26. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patriots vs. Titans Results

by Lindsey Carpenter

On Sunday, September 9th, Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to their ninth season-opening win. Playing the Tennessee Titans at their home stadium the final score turned out to be 34-13. During the first quarter the Titans took the lead with Rob Bironasn kicking a 28 yards field goal for 3 points. Later on, with 1:59 left, Aaron Hernandez scored a 23 yard touch down while Stephen Gostkowski kicked the field goal, for the Patriots lead 7-3. With 11:07 left in the second quarter The patriots picked up a six yard fumble and made a touchdown taking the score to 14-3 and then with 2 minutes left, they went on to score yet another touchdown. After half-time, the Titans Came back and Nate Washington scored a touchdown with a 29 yard pass. With 1:04 left in the third, the Pat’s scored another touchdown to increase the lead on the Titans, 28-10. Rob Bironas of the Titans kicked a 24 yard field goal to score 3 points. But it wasn’t enough to hold the Patriots off. They scored two more field goals and won the game with a 21 point lead over the Titans.

Tom Brady almost had his nose broken by Kamerion Wimbley. He said himself, that was the best hit he has had, after he confirmed that it wasn’t broken. Rookie, Jake Locker‘s reputation was ruined by the patriots defense because of his two sacks and two turnovers. Later in the fourth quarter, he was taken out of the game due to an shoulder injury cause by Patriot’s safety Chung.