SALC’s Febuary Stars

For the month of February we have selected new students/ teachers of the month.  The students are Lindsey C., Justin F., Samantha P., Cody H., and Tyler B.  The teachers of the month are Tony Steele and Patty Crump.  As usual these students and teachers are chosen based on their positive attitudes and good work.  They are also chosen for the effort that they put into their daily work here at Stanly Academy.

Although we only have a few that are considered Students/ Teachers of the month, all of our students and teachers are great.  The staff is continuously doing the best they can to help the students graduate high school and be a success and the students are constantly working on effort to make something positive out of their life.IMG_1105

She-lia’s Biography

Hello my name is Shelia Jones. I was born at brook dale hospital in Brooklyn east New York. I came to Albemarle when i was six years old. my mother decided to come to Albemarle when she visit my aunt on a vacation she like the way things were going down here and wanted to stay so that’s how i ended up in Albemarle.

I like to dance, step and run track any sport that will have me active like jumping around i really enjoy. I like actions movie with a lot going on so that i would be curious about what’s gone happen next. I like drama books that are not boring a book where the chapters get deeper and deeper so that I would not want to put the book down. I like a lot of different types of food but i love Chinese food i can eat sesame chicken and shrimp fried rice all day without getting tired of it.

I haven’t travel that much but i have traveled to Mississippi and Atlanta. I really want to travel to Jamaica and Miami and explore things I haven’t explored yet. I just want to graduate and see myself in college living my college life

Samantha’s Autobiography

My name is Samantha Rose Pannell. I was born in Albemarle but raised in Stanfield. Me and my family moved to Albemarle 3 years ago because we thought it would be better for us. The things i like to do are draw and listen to music.

The movies I love to watch have to be scary. I love to watch spongebob also and reading mysteries, sometimes horror to. I love going to the beach but cant stay out their long because i burn really fast. I like to lay out on the sand and watch my family have fun.

When i grow up i want to be a nurse because i love helping older people. It makes me feel really good knowing i can help someone that needs my help. I would like to work with kids but i dont have what it takes to run around and watch them because they can run fast. The things i need to work on are staying positive and keep my anger low. One thing i believe is working for what you got because life is not always handed to you.

Myshia’s Biography

I am 18 years old and I was born on July 22nd, 1994, in Albemarle, NC. I am from Albemarle; which by the way is my home town. I was born and raised there, but we moved around a lot. I don’t like living in any other city than Albemarle.

Some of the things that I like to do are cook, clean, sing, help others that is in need, and I also like to be a good role model by leading others to a successful path in life. I like watching movies and tv, but as far as reading, I don’t like that to much. I don’t really watch TV or movies that much anyone. My favorite movie is “The Color Purple” and my favorite TV Show is “CSI: Miami”.

My favorite foods that I like to eat is chicken, fish, and collard greens. I don’t really travel, but the only two trips I have taken is to Gaffney, SC, and Savannah, Georgia. Over the summer I plan to travel around with my family and maybe a few of my friends.

Military Suicides Rise

The Pentagon has struggled with suicides as less combat is not contributing to less stress for U.S troops. The highest the Pentagon has seen; was last year when 349 troops on active-duty committed suicide throughout the year. When troops come home, they have to transition themselves back to their families, which could be complicated. Its about finding a sense of purpose to quickly adjust to living conditions. Its a kind of trauma that may affect troops that have been in war for more than a decade. Troops are known to have begged for help, with no answers. Former wives say that the Army failed husbands by not ensuring them safety and help for suicidal times occurring.

Its a type of adjustment disorder that some troops have when coping with families after returning home. Many women are outraged by this affect, because the numbers are increasing and is known to increase rapidly this year. Many emotions affect them like depression, substance abuse, stress and being uncertain if and when they will return home to families.

Self-esteem and money problems could be key factors, especially when the military is ongoing major personal budget cuts. The suicides were noticed in 2006 and has began to soar. The Army, which is the largest of military services also had the largest number of suicide of active-duty troops last year. Along with the Army, the Air Force had 59 deaths, while the Navy had 60 suicides. Since then, suicide prevention has become a strict problem for the Pentagon.