Stanly Academy’s Achievers

For the month of January the students of the month are Quenton McLendon, Myshia Dunlap, Maria Mahoney, and Brianna Helms. We are very proud of all of our students at Stanly Academy and hope that as we reach the end of this semester, all of our students will pass.  We also are proud to announce the teachers of the month; Ms.Lowder and Mr.Carte and thank them for all their hard work here at our school.  The last group we would like to mention is the students here that are graduating early;  Shea’Ona Harris, Tiante Leak, Braxton Phifer, and William Xiong.  These students have worked really hcartoon-eagle-thumb9511585ard in order to graduate at the end of this semester.


Review of Stanly Academy Spirit Week

Today we would like to tell you a review of or Spirit Week that we had last week at Stanly Academy.  Each day was another interesting day as the students and staff were able to dress up for different days and show their creativity.  We are very proud of our students at Stanly Academy for showng effort throughout this semester.  We hope that we can do something again with our students.  Here are some of the pictures that were taken at the end of the week and were not posted

on the website.

SALC Spirit Week; Tuesday= Camo/Twin Day

Today at Stanly Academy, our students and staff had the choice to wear camouflage or dress as twins with someone else here.  Ms. Flaherty, the art teacher, got a group of people who didn’t own Camouflage to dress up in black with her so they would not be left out of the Spirit Week.  Our students and staff are having a blast with Spirit Week at the Academy and we are excited for the rest of the week to come.

SALC Spirit Week; Monday Tacky Day

IMG_1087IMG_1086IMG_1089IMG_1094IMG_1092IMG_1088IMG_1100IMG_1096IMG_1102IMG_1105IMG_1106IMG_1110IMG_1111IMG_1101IMG_1108IMG_1107IMG_1112Today is the day that starts off our spirit week here at Stanly Academy.  Many students and staff dressed up tacky today to support our school.  Although this week was planned by the yearbook staff and approved by Mr. Campbell, the students of Stanly Academy had a big say-so in what we planned for each day.  We took a vote at the school so that each student had a chance to make a say in what they wanted to do for spirit week.  I hope that this week continues to go as well with the turn-out of people who are dressing out.  This has been made a big deal at Stanly Academy, Mr.Campbell even sent out a school message over the intercom and by phone to remind all students to be apart of SALC’s Spirit Week.  Our students deserve a spirit week for this school so that they can show that they are very happy to be part of Stanly Academy Learning Center.


School Recap Friday

This week has been a great week at Stanly Academy.  The students here are looking forward for December.  Next week, December 3-7, we will be having a school spirit week.  Each day, students will dress in different themes.

Monday- Tacky Day

Tuesday- Camo day/ Twin Day

Wednesday- Dress Up Day

Thursday- Sports teams/ School Spirit Day

Friday- Casual Dress/ Picture Day/ Field Day

For the rest of the month, we have scheduled to go to local nursing homes and spend time with the people there.  We hope to bring them artwork that our school has done and show them love.  On December 12,2012, we are going to go to a UNC basketball game to reward all the students of Stanly Academy for their good behavior and their great effort done at school.

Mr. Campbell said, “Very excited for our students to visit a major university like UNC Chapel Hill, my hope is that it will inspire them to further their education.”












The Role Society Takes In Print Media

The Role Society Takes In Print Media

 by Lindsey Carpenter

    Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Society plays a huge role in print media during today’s times. Our interest reflects our purchases, which also decided how well a product is going to sell. If we don’t lie something, we give it a low rating and it gets taken back to the warehouse and “tweaked” until it interest us and makes greater sells. If it wasn’t for consumers than products and print media wouldn’t be as popular as it once was. Now days, everyone just uses Facebook and Twitter to find out our resources or recent news.

Society affects the media in terms of ratings and purchase statistics. If consumers enjoy a media program, the ratings for the program will go high, just the same as if it wasn’t liked, they would get low ratings.  If they like it, they will buy it and continue to buy it. If not, the people need to change their style and program/media to get higher ratings and sales.

SALC’s Biology Labs

SALC’s Biology Labs
By: Brianna Helms

On Friday September 7, 2012, I observed Mrs. Edgerton’s Biology class.  Mrs. Edgerton, also known as Mrs. E, was teaching her students how to determine which foods have carbohydrates.  In order to show her class what she was teaching, she had Mrs. Helms come and help her set up two labs.

The first lab was called the “Starch Test.”  Using a chemplate, Mrs. E and Mrs. Helms used five different food solutions with out telling the students what they were.  Then, they put a drop of Iodine Solution to each of the five different food solutions.  If the food solution reacted and changed colors to a dark black, the food was proven to be a starch.

The second lab was called the “Simple Sugar Test.”  For this lab, students boiled water and put 2ml of water into one test tube and and 2ml of other solutions into three other test tubes.  Then, they put ten drops of Benedict’s Solution in each test tube.  After that, they were given four different liquid solutions.  They put ten drops of one liquid solution into each of the four test tubes.  To finish the lab, all four test tubes were placed in a beaker of boiling water and left there for five minutes.  After five minutes, the students observed their test tubes and depending on the color, the foods showed how much sugar was in the solution.